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Cold Emails

Subject:❤️ "To All The Tools I Ever Loved"

Hey {{prospect.first_name},

I can't help but reach back out because what can I say, you have a DOPE tool! 

We'd love to hop on a call to discuss launching a campaign with you on our site. This could open the door to 850,000+ new customers who are top-of-funnel, tech savvy users who are looking to scale and grow by using your tool.

Let's see what we can do about making something happen? 

We look forward to hearing from you!


P.S. Read Me! 🏽‍♀️ - Why Launch a Product on AppSumo! 

AppSumoBusiness Development
Let's connect:

Subject:{{}} <>

Hi {{prospect.first_name}},

I’m reaching out to you because I noticed on your Linkedin profile that you are working at {{}}. Given your role as a CEO, my assumption is that a sales strategy falls in your wheelhouse.

In short, Reply has helped other CEOs from companies in the accounting industry, such as The Tax Recruitment Company and BooksTime. Our sales engagement platform accelerated their sales by automating communications with prospects and putting sales outreach on autopilot.

{{prospect.first_name}}, is that something you’d be interested in?

Best Regards,
Pavel Fedorov
Sales Engagement Advisor @

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Subject:thought of repurposing {{prospect.custom.products}} + more?

Hey {{prospect.first_name}}!

Saw the content you create and post on your social channels and wanted to send you a quick video (see below).

My team and I at Repurpose House explode people's social media with their existing content by repurposing their podcasts, videos, blogs, and books into optimized micro-marketing assets for all platforms (yes, with captions on them!). We work with incredible clients like Digital Marketer, War Room, The Jordan Harbinger Show, FinCon, and more.

We'd love to show you how. But first ... here's your quick video!
Watch Video

Here's a link to my calendly for scheduling convenience, it'd be great to hop on a call! [CALENDLY LINK]


Director of Operations

EMAIL {{}}

Subject:{{prospect.first_name}}, see a video of Intercom on {{}}'s website

Hi {{prosect.first_name}},

{{inbox.friendly_name}} from Intercom here. I took a look at {{}}’s website, and I think Intercom’s live chat and automation tools could help you grow even faster. Intercom lets your sales, marketing and support teams acquire, engage and support customers like never before.

I made you a video to show you what Intercom’s live chat would look on {{}}'s website.

Click here to watch the video and see why more than 30,000 leading companies choose Intercom to power over 13 million conversations every day.

Let me know if you’re interested in learning more or booking a demo!



Subject:Swipe Right On AppSumo! 🤳

Greetings {{prospect.first_name}},

We're scouting for dope tools to showcase in our selective SaaS marketplace and we'd love to have our 850,000+ customers swiping right on you. (WOW that's a lot of swipes!)

Okay, so they might not be swiping but they will be purchasing your tool to help make their business grow… and isn't that just awesome! 

AppSumo customers are top of funnel users who become life long customers and not only that, your tool would be listed on a credible site that has helped other companies generate 100 - 300K+ revenue in only 2 MONTHS! 

Would love to see about we can do about creating a partnership. 



P.S. Have you checked this out? ✨- Why Launch a Product on AppSumo?

AppSumoBusiness Development
Let's connect:

Subject:Promote {{}} to 850,000 Entrepreneurs!

Hey {{prospect.first_name}},

Been hearing killer things about {{}}, so I had to reach out!

We are hand selecting {{prospect.custom.product-category}} to showcase this quarter to 850,000+ potential new customers, and we think {{}} would be a great fit!

Would love to chat about how we can make something exciting happen.


Best, {{inbox.friendly_name}}



Cold Emails for Events

Subject:Interested in Meeting a VC at SaaStr Europa, June 12 - 13

Hi {{prospect.first_name}},

Quick intro: former founder/CEO of Teamable just turned Venture Partner at the SaaStr Fund.  Jason and I put the below together to help founders have a better and more efficient fundraising experience.  I wanted to send you a personal invite since you're a great member of our community.  Also, if you're interested in SaaStr Fund as an investor, please fill out the below and then drop me a line and we can find sometime to chat if you're in our zone.  Either way, I recommend the program and will be working hard over the next two months to properly curate the right investor meetings for you.  See the quote from a founder below on the value of the program at SaaStr Annual.

Description of Meet-A-VC Program

If you’re a founder/CEO of a post-revenue SaaS business, then you must be considering a round of financing in the next 1 to 18 months (yea, even you bootstrappers!).  While we know most founders prefer to work on their business than to fundraise, we also know how valuable additional capital from the right partner can be to accelerating the ascent to unicorn, competitive domination (and beyond).  And how inefficient, expensive, and distracting setting up meetings with the right partners at the right funds can be.

To make SaaStr (even more) high ROI on founder time, we’re offering a Meet-a-VC program where you can meet with top VCs in your sweet spot.  To make the matches more precise than the barrage of random growth equity analyst inbounds, click here to provide some information that will be shared with funds matching your stage and market criteria.  

For less than the cost of a flight to meet with one or two VCs in each region, you can come to SaaStr Europa, learn, meet others facing and solving the same problems of you, and pack in a slate of meetings where the VCs have picked you!  Click here to signup now.  The earlier you do it, the more time the VCs at Bessemer, Point9, Insight, Shasta, and others have time to review and set a meeting with you!

"Meeting dozens of VCs over just a few days who get my size, stage and space (and frankly, what it's like to work with and support founders in and outside Silicon Valley and the US) was an extra benefit I did not expect from SaaStr.  The meetings were the highest value investor interactions I've had since starting Functionally, it’s one of the best gatherings of founder-friendly VCs for B2B SaaS." Tim Brewer CEO & Co-founder,

And for more ROI

Click here to buy a ticket if you haven’t already

Click here to sponsor a booth and fill your lead funnel and break through the summer slowdown 

Venture Partner

SaaStr Fund

255 Kansas Street

San Francisco, CA 94103

Subject:Are you joining Europe's largest SaaS community?

Hi {{prospect.first_name}}

What are your thoughts on joining SaaStock - Europe's largest SaaS event? 30th September is the deadline for joining so there is still time but it is running out.

It will take place in Dublin from the 14-16 October.

Our Startup program can help you meet 4000+ prospective SaaS clients, meet 400+ VCs, give you access to quality SaaS content and get you on stage in our Global Pitch Competition with a chance to win $25,000.

Check out our interactive deck HERE for more information and learn how the event could benefit you.


+44 xxxxxxxxxx


Check out our returning sponsors for 2019!

SaaStock & SaaStock on Tour events are organised by: SaaScribe Media Ltd, 1 Vincent Square, London, SW1P 2PN; Registered in England 09445348

Cold Emails for Podcast

Subject:[YOUR NAME] on {{prospect.custom.podcast_name}}

Hi {{prospect.first_name}}

Our CEO at Salesflare (the #1 CRM on Product Hunt) is reserving some time in the coming weeks to talk on podcasts.

I've reviewed {{prospect.custom.podcast_name}} and as far as I can tell he seems like a good fit for it.

Are you the right person to talk to? Or is there someone else in your team I should get in contact with?


Partnerships Manager at Salesflare

From:The Top
Subject:you moving the company to pure SaaS?

{{prospect.first_name}} are you guys pure play SaaS?

Found {{}} in SaaS list and would like to invite you on my show but I only feature B2B SaaS CEO's.

You may have seen ERic (Zoom CEO) interview, or Jay from Atlasssian (both were featured on Entrepreneur) on my show last week.

Let me know if you're pure SaaS or not, happy to share more detail.

Sent from my iPhone

From:The Top

{{prospect.first_name}}, going on major TV networks next week. Good to have {{}} on tip of tongue.

Want to try and squeeze into my podcast before then? 10m biz folks listen.

Can send more detail if you're game. On road at moment.


Sent from my iPhone

From:The Top
Subject:{{}} - quick question

Hey {{prospect.first_name}},

Doing a story on SaaS companies for Nathan Latka's "The Top" business podcast and would like to feature {{}}. Want to come on a brief 15 minute Skype interview to share your story and how the company fits in the {{prospect.custom.product-category}} space?

A bit about the show. We're looking for great CEOs with great stories, and just passed 1000+ CEO interviews including Hubspot, Zoom, and Vero. It's completely free marketing for {{}}, and will be aired across iTunes, Soundcloud, YouTube, and Our audience would love to learn from you, and is full of potential customers (6 million total downloads by global executives, entrepreneurs, and investors).

We have a few recording dates open in August and September if interested.

Many thanks,


From:The Top
Subject:Doing a story on you

Hey {{prospect.first_name}}, doing story on {{prospect.custom.product-category}} space for Nathan Latka's The Top business podcast (5m entrepreneurs, vc's, CEO's listen).

Want to come on for brief 15 minutes to share your thoughts on the space and highlight where {{}} fits in the overall industry?

For example, we’ve recently done some interviews with FourSquare, Sumo Logic, and Infusionsoft.

Best regards,


Previous guests include Matt Mullenweg, Andy Rachleff, and Tim Draper. It'll be worth your time.

Cold Emails for SEO BackLinks Strategy

From:Right Inbox
Subject:April Collaboration?

Hi {{prospect.first_name}},


Interested in working together on some co-promotion?

I'm the co-founder at Right Inbox (Gmail productivity extension) and I'd love to get some content of ours added to your awesome blog, in particular this article


In return I'd be more than happy to promote your content on one of the multiple blogs I have access to, as well as promoting on social.


Subject:Quick question about your website 🙋

Hi there,

{{inbox.friendly_name}} here, Head of Growth at Albacross, a sales intelligence software that helps companies learn more about their anonymous website visitors and convert them into leads.

I know you’re busy, so I’ll be quick.

I saw your post {{prospect.custom.blog_url}} and, well, we recently wrote an article B2B Sales: The Best Strategies for 2020 that I think fits in perfectly!

Any chance you’d consider adding it to your article (only if you find it useful, of course!)?

Oh, and in exchange, I’m happy to share your article on our social media accounts with the list of 9K+ followers. ❤️

Let me know what you think!

Stay awesome,

Head of Growth . {{}} . +46 xx xxx xx xx

Albacross Nordic AB . Kungsgatan 26 . SE-111 35 Stockholm

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