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Subject:Interested in Meeting a VC at SaaStr Europa, June 12 - 13

Hi {{prospect.first_name}},

Quick intro: former founder/CEO of Teamable just turned Venture Partner at the SaaStr Fund.  Jason and I put the below together to help founders have a better and more efficient fundraising experience.  I wanted to send you a personal invite since you're a great member of our community.  Also, if you're interested in SaaStr Fund as an investor, please fill out the below and then drop me a line and we can find sometime to chat if you're in our zone.  Either way, I recommend the program and will be working hard over the next two months to properly curate the right investor meetings for you.  See the quote from a founder below on the value of the program at SaaStr Annual.

Description of Meet-A-VC Program

If you’re a founder/CEO of a post-revenue SaaS business, then you must be considering a round of financing in the next 1 to 18 months (yea, even you bootstrappers!).  While we know most founders prefer to work on their business than to fundraise, we also know how valuable additional capital from the right partner can be to accelerating the ascent to unicorn, competitive domination (and beyond).  And how inefficient, expensive, and distracting setting up meetings with the right partners at the right funds can be.

To make SaaStr (even more) high ROI on founder time, we’re offering a Meet-a-VC program where you can meet with top VCs in your sweet spot.  To make the matches more precise than the barrage of random growth equity analyst inbounds, click here to provide some information that will be shared with funds matching your stage and market criteria.  

For less than the cost of a flight to meet with one or two VCs in each region, you can come to SaaStr Europa, learn, meet others facing and solving the same problems of you, and pack in a slate of meetings where the VCs have picked you!  Click here to signup now.  The earlier you do it, the more time the VCs at Bessemer, Point9, Insight, Shasta, and others have time to review and set a meeting with you!

"Meeting dozens of VCs over just a few days who get my size, stage and space (and frankly, what it's like to work with and support founders in and outside Silicon Valley and the US) was an extra benefit I did not expect from SaaStr.  The meetings were the highest value investor interactions I've had since starting Functionally, it’s one of the best gatherings of founder-friendly VCs for B2B SaaS." Tim Brewer CEO & Co-founder,

And for more ROI

Click here to buy a ticket if you haven’t already

Click here to sponsor a booth and fill your lead funnel and break through the summer slowdown 

Venture Partner

SaaStr Fund

255 Kansas Street

San Francisco, CA 94103

After 2 Days...

Subject:Re: Interested in Meeting a VC at SaaStr Europa, June 12 - 13

Hey, just wanted to make sure you saw the below.  Would love to have you at SaaStr Europa meeting with our best VC partners in Paris in June.

Preview image
Application — SaaStr Europa 2019
the saastr europa meet a VC program
SAASTREUROPA.COMVenture Partner/Helper to Other Entreprenuers

Let me know if you think you'll make it to Europa - there's a few other founder/CEO only events I'd like to invite you to.



Venture Partner

SaaStr Fund

255 Kansas Street

San Francisco, CA 94103

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