Cold Email Template from The Top

From:The Top
Subject:Doing a story on you

Hey {{prospect.first_name}}, doing story on {{prospect.custom.product-category}} space for Nathan Latka's The Top business podcast (5m entrepreneurs, vc's, CEO's listen).

Want to come on for brief 15 minutes to share your thoughts on the space and highlight where {{}} fits in the overall industry?

For example, we’ve recently done some interviews with FourSquare, Sumo Logic, and Infusionsoft.

Best regards,


Previous guests include Matt Mullenweg, Andy Rachleff, and Tim Draper. It'll be worth your time.

After 3 Days...

From:The Top
Subject:Re: Doing a story on you

Interview is 15 minutes long. You reach 5m CEO's and entrepreneurs. Game?

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